Microsoft One app now generally available

A few days ago, we launched the initial version of the Microsoft One app for Windows 10 for testers.

We are now pleased to announce the app is now officially ready for general use and brings the app to version 1.1.

If you are running the beta app, please uninstall that and reinstall this version. Failing to do this may cause the live tile to stop working.

The changelog for the app is as follows:

  • A popular user request was for a live tile on our app, so we’ve added that functionality. The tile should update on a new article published when the app is refreshed.
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

Anyone can download the app, just follow the link on how to download!

For first time installers, this is how to install the app.

  • Go to the link to download at the bottom of the page, directly on your Windows 10 Mobile device. This will take you to OneDrive.
  • Once you are in the OneDrive folder, tap on AET.aetx. This is the certificate file required to install the app. It should say if you want to install the workplace account for Microsoft Corporation. Just click “install” or “accept”.
  • Once the certificate is installed, tap on the package file and then install the app. Once you’ve tapped install, wait about one minute and then the app will appear in your apps list.
  • Pin the live tile to your Start screen and enjoy!

Download the Microsoft One app


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