Many HP laptops mispriced on HP UK Online Store

Many people took to Twitter today to express their joy and happiness for Hewlett Packard’s error on their United Kingdom Online Store, which was a misprice of several laptops, bringing the price of one laptop from £3,600 all the way down to £1.21 and £1.58.

I first spotted the deal on Twitter, which the original tweet is below:

I proceeded to the HP website with the link in the tweet, and purchased four of HP’s Zbook 17 G2 Mobile Workstations, which is normally priced at £3,600 but got four for the price of £4.85, with delivery expected within 1 to 2 weeks.


It is worth noting that it is most likely that if you purchased during the misprice, you won’t get your order accepted, as HP has to accept the order before, but payments have already been flying out of peoples’ bank accounts and PayPal wallets.

There has also been rumours that people have already been receiving dispatch confirmation emails, but we cannot confirm this.

Good luck everyone! Let’s see who gets theirs!


What do you think? Sound off below!

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